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Sunday, 27 August 2017

maybelline tattoo brow review

Hey guys, so today i'm reviewing the maybelline tattoo brow. 

Here is my YouTube link to my video on this review >>>>

this product retails for 12.99 i bought mine from superdrug and is supposed to....

Wake up to evenly-filled brows! 
Our 1st easy peel off lash tint with up to 3 day wear. 
For fuller natural looking brows.

It comes in three shades dark blonde, light brown and dark brown.

so i bought the light brown as my hair is ginger at the moment, as you can see from the picture above my normal eyebrows are so light ,sparse and barely visible. The price is quite steep but if it works and lasts for that long its great! it was quite hard to get a good shape on the eyebrows at the tip because its a big brush, i would say practice makes perfect.

It says leave on from 15 minutes to two hours, so I left it on for 2 hours just to get the full effect. it peeled off really easy and didn't take any of my eyebrow hairs off phew. I will say the colour of the light brown is very warm toned, which is great for me as i'm ginger but not sure for brown hair so maybe go for medium brown and then leave it on for a little less time if you don't want it super dark. 

Honestly though i love this product, it made my eyebrows look so full and natural and paired with a brow gel looked amazing , i don't know about you guys but sometimes doing my eyebrows is an absolute chore lol it takes so long and especially being a mother i don't have much time so this is perfect for me .

I went to sleep and woke up in the morning with my eyebrows still in perfect shape!!!! wow
i also tried washing them off with water and wipes did not budge so would be great in the rain or on holiday in the sea or pool, with a cleanser they did come off easy and my eyebrows were still on three days later . so this isn't a gimmick it works. I then tried it again and it was so much easier and looks even better! like i'm actually so impressed ,way to go maybelline!!  everyone should try this!!

If you want to buy tattoo brow click this link.

top is before brow tattoo 
middle is during
bottom is result


Monday, 21 August 2017

My favourite youtubers

I love watching YouTube videos, i have done for years! i think that's where i learnt about makeup and it just makes me happy, you can just watch a video and are just transported to a different place and it's just awesome!!  here are just a list of my fave youtubers, go give them a watch if you don't already.

Zoe sugg / zoella her youtube
from makeup to lifestyle her main channel videos and her vlogs are hilarious and so fun to watch defo one of my all time favorites.
Image result for zoella
nikkitutorials her youtube
Nikki slays makeup! all you need to know .
Image result for nikki tutorial

lyss ryann her youtube
The best for all your hair needs, makeup, fashion also she is an actual hair goddess! 
Image result for lyss ryann

sophdoesnails her youtube
she also slays at makeup like nikki , her makeup challenges are amazing aswell, her personality just shines through the screen which makes me happy everytime I watch . 
Image result for soph does nails

gabriella/velvetghost her youtube
her vlogs are amazing and her makeup skills wow!! she's honestly so talented at making videos! And her cats!! 😍 
Image result for velvet ghost

Bella fiori her youtube
she does the best mystery videos and also makeup! you should go and watch the mystery videos as she puts in so much effort and they are so interesting!
Image result for bella fiori

I hope all these beautiful talented people have a great success in what they are doing because they are all so frigging talented and i love watching!
some of my other favorites are shannxo, manny mua, jeffree star ,laura lee, tanya burr, louise pentland ,roxxsauras, pixiwoo, lisa eldridge. who do you like watching?

Amy xx

i do not own any of these photos. hope the youtubers dont mind me using them :)


Mummy struggles 2

Hey, here are some more of my mummy struggles, from my everyday mum life.

 1.telling your child to do something a hundred times. Honestly this is one of the most annoying things about kids lol. 

 2. Trying not to get angry about number 1. 

 3. Trying to be like the perfect mums who take their kids loads of places and have tons of energy, thinking how do they do it so you try and do it but in reality me and the kids end up being lazy and just staying at home! 😂 not all the time but you get me. 

 4. Wanting to get absolutely drunk with friends, But then thinking God got to get up at 6 with the baby, is it worth it? Probably not. 

 5. Doing online shopping, putting all the stuff you want in a bag and never buying it, because you have bills and kids to pay for. 

 6. Like number 5, but basically always wanting to go to a restaurant or buy takeaway because I'm too lazy to cook. Also it's so yummy 😋 but not having the money, sad times.

 I do love my kids and my life, these are a few lighthearted thoughts of mine, if you gave any of your own mummy struggles funny or serious let me know in the comments would love to hear. Amy xx

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