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Friday, 28 July 2017

Favourite things :)

These are a few of my favourite things 🎢

 1. Favourite music - i don't have a favourite type of music, I feel like I like most things my playlists on Spotify are so random some days I'll listen to cheesy pop like aqua, spice Girls all sorts, and others hard rock like tenacious d or qotsa who are amazing, or r n b just depends what mood I'm in.

2. Favourite movies -  my most loves films are dirty dancing, die hard Bruce wilis fit! , 10 things I hate about you and cruel intentions, jurassic park. But I watch anything, my partner is a big Sci fi lover, superhero films so he always makes me watch all sorts. Which I love.
3. Favourite tv show - when I was younger my fave was the oc! Used to absolutely live for it, Netflix get it on there now πŸ˜‚ my other faves are pretty little liars, bobs burgers, revenge, Miranda, absolutely fabulous, green wing, the vicar of dibley, peep show.
Favourite food - Italian! 😍 I'm boring though when I go to a proper Italian restaurant I always get the same thing, garlic bread and cheese for starter, spag bol for main and chocolate fudge cake for dessert Mmm.
Favorite book - Girl on the train, absolutely loved this book read it so fast as it was that good. I also like the seven sisters books.

Favorite season - autumn, winter! Honestly what's better than getting cosy in a big coat scarf hat Oooo, getting to wear all black πŸ˜‚ , Halloween, bonfire night, Christmas and my birthday defo the best couple of months!!!!
Favourite shopping store - asos and primark! Love asos its soooooo good, been shopping there for years wish they still did kids clothes though.
Favourite place I've visited - bermuda, I lived there for over a year when I was little and I used to go all the time on holiday when I moved back to the UK. It's honestly the most prettiest beautiful place ever!! Can't wait to go back one day and take the kiddywinks there when they are older as the flight is ridiculously long! But other than that it was amazing. If you've not been save up and go.
Let me know some of your favourite things in the comments. Amy xx

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