That lemon and lime life.: Things that annoy me as a mum.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Things that annoy me as a mum.

1. People telling you how to look after your baby. This has got to be one of the most annoying things for me as a mum, especially strangers! I understand they are trying to be nice and that's great but sometimes it just makes you feel useless and I feel like why comment when you don't know anything. So one time I was in boots and my little girl was messing around running around the pram and banged into someone, I didn't shout at her I just said please stop that it's naughty and to apologise to who she banged into and the counter woman said she's not being naughty she's just having fun. I was literally like Omg, she made me feel embarrassed for telling my own child off for doing something naughty and it wasn't her place to do so. As mums it's our choice to do whatever we think is best for our kids. So in a nice way please think about what you say to other mums before you do so.
2. trying to be a perfect mum. There's so many rules about being a mum these days, that you can't do anything right, so stop trying. Watch the film bad moms, relate to it, have you time, don't feel guilty for watching your own TV shows or buying yourself some new clothes, you can be a good mum and do stuff for yourself a lot of mums get criticism for going out at night but people need to understand that as a mum it's a full time job and your allowed time off!
3. When people say money doesn't matter. This one Eurghhhh, I'm sure the people that say this just say it for attention to make themselves look better or don't have children. I understand not everyone wants to be rich but I'd love to give my children a big nice home and nice things and holidays and you need money for that stuff. You need money for everything nowadays. So stop lying to yourselfs lol 😂 🙈.
4. Baby class cliques. So when I started to go to baby classes at sure start centres or other places. I realised it's sort of like being back in high school, alot of people in groups wouldn't talk to anyone other than their group, some people were nice some people just made no effort like I wasn't even there, even if I tried to make an effort, smiled, talking, which makes it hard because then you don't want to go, I made a few friends after a while and now I try and talk to people I see at classes and include them because you never know what could be happening in their life's and it's nice to be nice. So if you're ever at baby classes and you see someone on their own even the littlest conversation might make them feel more welcome. These are just some of my own opinions, I don't want to upset or offend anyone. Not everyone agrees on the same topics. Feel free to leave a comment. Amy xx

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