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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Things I love about being a mum.

I've done a things that annoy me as a mum post, so I thought I'd do one i love as that definitely wins. 1. You've always got someone that needs you and wants youre help. 2. Unlimited cuddles. Now and again my baby jake will be like no get off me! 😁 but when he's sleepy he will just lay next to me and give me loads of snuggles. 3. When your feeling down they always make you smile. Jake is getting a really goofy personality atm, dancing funny and running round the room, singing, fake laughing 😂 and it just makes my heart melt and whenever I feel a bit sad he always makes me happy 😊 👍 💛. 4. They actually enjoy the food you make. At this age he likes anything so I feel like a good cook even though I'm probably not 😁. 5. Going on days out. I love going on days out with my two children it makes me happy that they are having such a good time and because jake is only still a baby his face is priceless at things he hasn't seen before he's so confused like what is this what are we doing. But the same time he's loving it. 6. Watching siblings play. I love watching my two play together it's the cutest thing. They just live each other and that's great!! 7. Teaching them new things. When my baba learns something new that I've shown him I get so excited and try and show everyone and then he doesn't do it. Which I think is hilarious and I'm like thanks pal 😁.


  1. I agree the things you love definitely outway the things you don't. I am with you on all of those, nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing my two play together and make each other laugh (in between the moments they are annoying each other) Ha ha yes about the food thing! :) xx

  2. That's the best thing about siblings instead it! Thanks for commenting xx


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