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Friday, 23 June 2017

Take that!

So I went to watch take that on Sunday the 18th or June, I've been a massive fan of take that for years!! This was the first time I've watched them and honestly the best concert I've been to in my life. When they tour again next year I'll be sat on my phone my tablet laptop trying to get tickets haha 😂 😂.
So we had really good seats!! On the bottom level 3rd row. Tickets were expensive at 90 pound! But it's so worth it. They did songs from their new album wonderland and loads of old ones and they did kids which is my fave song!!! 😍 also can I just express how gorgeous they are! Howard took his top off and I was like shit your fine 😁. Also all saints opened for them, the were also amazing. They've not aged a day. So if you're thinking about going watching take that!!! Do it as I think the next one might be with Robbie yes!!!!!!!! 😍 also I love Robbie.

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