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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

My first labour story, did I see a ghost?

Hey guys, So today I thought I'd share my 1st birth/labour story with you and it's a doozy. to you reading it probaly doesn't seem so bad as I make it out to myself. But suppose everyone is different. So I had my first baby when I was so young... 18, the whole pregnancy was fine, I didn't have any sickness absolutely nothing wrong everything great. So my due date was the 11th of July, so I was ready all prepared with my hospital bag in hand, ready to push this baby out. Actually I didn't have a clue what I was doing lol, so about 1 o'clock on my due date I woke up with some period pain like feelings, I waited it out for abit before I woke up my mum who I was staying with, so basically these contractions just kept on going throughout the day the joys! My friend came round and everytime I had a contraction I would walk round the room as it felt better, she would laugh everytime as I looked funny apparently, good moral support lol. I rang the hospital and they said wait it out for abit longer so I did and went to the hospital later that night, I was on my own in the night because you weren't allowed a partner to stay with you and I just remember bouncing on one of them big grey bouncy balls not sure what they are called. The contractions hurt so much that I could hardly sleep so I hadn't slept from the night before when the contractions started and then also now I'm in hospital I'm not sleeping well and my waters haven't broke yet so not a hell of a lot is happening down there, so the next day they decide to try and break my waters and it takes so long before anything happens, this was in the afternoon that they took me to labour ward, but I had to be strapped to the bed to track babies heartbeat, at this time I'm having gas and air and I'm practically high and have had no sleep so everything around this time is a blur tbh I don't remember loads which is so bad because you want to remember but it takes so much out of you. So the room is awful i was in, there was about 6 people in the room doctors nurses and students... Yes students. Seeing my bits and bobs, grosses me out to think about it now, so my mums in the room with my ex partner and I remember eating some toast and it literally tasted like paper because gas and air gives you dry mouth so bad. Now i do not remember this bit but my mum told me after the birth, So the nurse asked me if I wanted a drink and I say to her can I have some of that little boys pineapple juice? And apparently she was like what little boy and I turned and said to my mum that little boy over there has got some pineapple juice for me........ Omg there was no little boy there. Like who was I actually seeing and of all the things frigging pineapple juice?? . So that's abit freaky. that's random as hell, so anyway after all the juice business It was night and after having contractions for nearly two days it was time for that baby to get out of there. As they were monitoring the babies heartbeat with like a strap you but around your belly you can't move off the bed, don't know if anyone else has had this but the pain is much worse when you can't move, so then I won't tell you the ins and outs as I was feeling rather gross, I saw my baby girl for the first time and it was lovely I cried. Also how big Is the bath they expect you to get in lol biggest bath ever, Then I had to go and get stitched up lovely and no word of a lie I fell asleep in the stirrups while the nurse sewed away, how embarrassing. then I went back to my room and bathed and fed her and a couple of days later I went home and thought to myself nope never again...
Hope you enjoyed, I'd love to hear your stories good or bad. Leave a comment. And check out my other blogs. Amy xx

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