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Friday, 2 June 2017

Mummy struggles

Hey guys,

Having kids is so time consuming so here's just some of my day to day life struggles nothing to major just funny little things to be honest. I have two kids a 16 month old boy called Jake and a 7 year old girl called Ella.

1. Go to sleep early or watch YouTube ?
YouTube always wins and the thing with YouTube is after you've watched one you can't stop haha. So I'm always tired, but when your a mum you don't really get the time to watch a lot of stuff alone. So you better get it in quick before they wake up .

 2. Get yourself ready in the morning?
I feel like even if I'm up super early I'm still rushing around to get everyone ready and it's always me that seems to go out the house not looking great, like where the hell did the time go?? 😂.

3. Cooking normal/healthy food vs takeaway?
I'm not ashamed to say I'm so bad when it comes to takeaway, God I really try but by 4 o'clock I'm so tired I'm like no to cooking. Not all the time but most whoops bad mummy.

4. Baby's asleep. Clean or not clean?
Most of the time i say to myself yes Amy! Clean this house do some painting something productive, instead i just sit on my butt watching pretty little liars or some equally awesome cheesy Tele, Eating. 😆

So basically after reading this back I've come to the conclusion I'm a lazy mummy. 😂😂 nobody's perfect eh?
Let me know your day to day funny struggles .

Amy xx

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