Saturday, 10 June 2017

Keeping a baby/toddler entertained.

Hey guys, So sometimes I find it hard to keep my little baby/toddler entertained, when do you call a baby a toddler? Sounds so wierd they grow up so fast! he has so much energy and sometimes gets bored so I try to go to alot of sure start centre's, If you have any sure start centre's near you definitely give it a go they have so many good classes and you get to talk to people who actually talk back to you(like real talk) haha, at home he seems to get bored so I try to read him books and he's not that interested after one page, he loves watching baby jake and Peppa pig but i can't exactly let him sit and watch tele all day, he will play with his toys but gets bored quickly. I feel guilty like I'm not doing enough does anyone else feel like that. Does anyone have any ideas? Things you do with your little ones. If anyone is from the Manchester area can you recommend places to go that are good for 16 month age. Amy xx

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