That lemon and lime life.: Testing out Loreal Paris lip paint

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Testing out Loreal Paris lip paint

Hey guys. 
So I recently bought the new Matte lip paint by L'Oréal Paris in the colour 207 wuthering purple it's £6.00 and I have mixed thoughts on this product.
Well I love the colour. It's more pink/fushia rather than purple but it's so nice on. Also it's quite streaky you've really got to coat your lips a few times and to me it doesn't really seem super Matte. I really only use Matte lipsticks so maybe it's because it's a liquid lipstick not sure but if you rub it in it does go more matte. It also feels like you don't get a lot of product in it. 
I do like this lipstick mainly because of the bright colour and I will definitely get the other colours in the lip paints to see how they are. If you love bright colours this is defo one to buy and try.

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