That lemon and lime life.: Intro to me

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Intro to me

Hey guys welcome to my first ever blog! Ooo exciting times, so I've wanted to make a blog for a while now and just never got around to it, hopefully I'll be sharing allsorts. Funny stories, tips for mummy's, attempting to do some sort of exercise #lazymummy. Makeup and beauty advice for mums on the go because let's face it you don't have alot of time when you have kids, I have a 1 year old baby boy who's called jake, a 7 year old girl called ella who thinks she's 18 lol, I want to share with you all my good and bad times. I love food!!! Cheesy pop music, shit reality TV shows, social media addict. So if you have any suggestions or any questions just comment and let me know.

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